Ultimate Means Safe

We take pride in our work. We think we run the best shows around, but that doesn’t just involve having the brightest colours or the biggest bangs. For an event to be a success, everyone needs to be safe. It sounds so obvious but we don’t take safety for granted – we work hard to make sure every display can be run safely, and we won’t fire if it can’t.

Safety starts from the very beginning. We’re trained and insured to carry out our business – just ask, and we can supply copies of our credentials. When we quote, we make sure that the site can feasibly support a fireworks display by using online mapping software to measure for fallout distances – we love using modern technology to work smarter, meaning we can offer more competitive pricing. When arriving on site, we carry out a site survey and risk assessment to make sure that everything is in order one final time before we set up.

Our fireworks are safe too – we only use fireworks that comply with the relevant safety standards for their type. We only use the highest quality materials that create a multitude of colours and effects. Being safe and reducing risk doesn’t mean reducing the fun!