We are Ultimate Fireworks. Welcome to what we do.

Fireworks aren’t just pretty explosions, and fireworks shows aren’t just for bonfire night. They can wonder, wow and impress. They can be loud and dominating, or quiet and neighbourly. Fireworks bring people together, they celebrate, and they commemorate. From personal occasions to community and corporate events, fireworks can complete the jigsaw to make memories unforgettable.

We live and breathe fireworks at Ultimate Fireworks; gunpowder is in our blood. We produce epic shows – not our words, the words of our clients. Every show we put our name to is designed with your needs in mind and held to the strictest safety guidelines, so you can enjoy your event with complete peace of mind.

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Check out our displays!

We are a company with a passion for fireworks. We offer top quality professional firework displays at competitive rates. Based in the South West Midlands our fully trained firing team of enthusiastic people enjoy producing spectacular displays.

All of our shows are fired electronically using the Pyromate and Cobra Firing Systems. This is the latest technology ensuring precision timing. Our company caters for all occasions – whether it’s a public event, a fete, annual bonfire, personal celebration, a birthday, wedding or civil partnership we provide stunning tailor made displays.

All Ultimate displays are approached with the same professionalism, no matter how big or small the occasion; from the initial meeting, all our focus is on you.

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